Italy In The Sun

“Thank you, Michele! xx


Michele was the super C.I.T.O. tour manager.



“M  i  c  h  e  l  e  ‘  s        L  o  t”


Dear Michele

Rings our bell

“Ding! Dong!”, trip is going well

Up at dawn

Not one yawn

Bright and sparkly ev’ry morn!



C.I.T.O.’s “hit”

Never tired, not one bit

Red the flag

What a wag!

M.E. printed on a tag


Cheshire born

Rose, no thorn

Travelling to earn her “corn”

Angie too

“Taffy Crew”

Vows of silence please renew!


Chatty Scot

“Michele’s Lot”

Personality they’ve got

Robert waving heavy stick

At his ice-cream he will lick


Mountain view

Ride for two

Twists and turns, the air is blue

Cable ride

Side by side

Vertigo we cannot hide


Motley Group

Cock a’ hoop

Bar is open, time to swoop

Far from Wales

Stresa tales

Lots of walking, Angie “pales”


Coach and boat

Dry the throat

Learning language here by rote?

Birra, please

“Parmy” cheese

Rub it on your aching knees!


Michele Queen

Tourist Scene

Always cool, she’s so serene

Leading in the Tourist World

Flag of unity unfurled. Thank you, Dear Michele xxxx