Keep Cyprus clean and tidy!


In my walking on this beautiful island, I come across piles of unwanted rubbish. Please help to keep Cyprus tidy. I cannot help continuing the theme of bird protection in this poem. Walking is so relaxing. x x


Early morning Tala sleeping

Aphrodite at me peeping

Sun is struggling through the cloud

High above: green landscape proud.


Track meanders, birds are singing

To their fragile life they’re clinging

Sunday, when those “heroes” shoot

‘Hope they take another route!


Soon descending, water glistens

To the silence walker listens

So relaxing, precious peace

From all stress of life release.


Cannot last, a truck is racing

Passing birds I think he’s chasing

From the window, bag of junk

Landing with metallic clunk!


Doggie from the window hanging

Children inside loudly banging

Cigarette dropped on the path

From the driver: loudest laugh!


Rusty freezer, fridge and Hoover

Green car is a new non-mover

Latest tip with stinking food

Ruining my walking mood?


Fav’rite place for Sunday killings

Cartridges foul hunters spilling

All discarded, red and blue

Shooters haven’t got a clue!


Turn the corner, chairs and tables

Kitchen sink and coloured cables

Television, three-piece suite

Tee-shirt bought on isle of Crete!


“Newest” craze: it’s rubbish tipping

At green landscape it is ripping

Blots upon majestic hill

My poor heart with sadness fill.


“Clean up Cyprus”, all demanding

All offenders reprimanding?

Nowhere better: Come and see!

Island soon of rubbish FREE!