“Keep In Touch, Dave!”

Barbara Rich was a lovely friend and a fine walker. May she rest in peace! David A xx


“Yiamas, Barbara!”


“B  Y  E’      B  Y  E’,      B  A  R  B  A  R  A  !   (More Walking Memories)


Dave Rich, waving from the past

Happy days forever last?

Evesham ‘stead of Paphos shore

‘Miss our Barb’ra more and more!


Mem’ries of the greatest walks

Hornsby all the stragglers stalks!  (Army guy!)

Heading for the “Keo-Run”

Happy strolling in the sun


“Are you short or are you long?”   (Walks!)

Medium might “bang your gong”!

Amargeti, “Spring of Life”

Dave Rich with his special wife   “Yiamas!”


Golf Club dinner, Christmas time  (2016)

Not too hard to drink in rhyme?

Donald “smiling”, friendly Pete

Pinkie’s digit us to greet!  (The Lightlys)


“Back I’m marking” after lunch

Walking with a friendly bunch

Georgie talks about the “pace”  (George Bates, long may he thrive!)

We don’t want a painful race!   (Help!)


Tsada, Kallepia, Letymbou

Lovely walks at Kannaviou

Ian Herleys’ gone away

‘Least the skies are rarely grey!


Dougie Fenton, Salamiou

Part of Happy Wand’rers’ crew

Many more have passed away

Eyes are moist, I’ve got to say!


Waving to departed friends

Walking times will never end

Barb’ra Rich, one last embrace

Miss your smiling, caring face. David A xxxx  For Dave Rich.