“Kissonerga, Mon Amour!”

Gute Freunde xx



Our German friends are no longer in Dear Kissonerga. We feel that they deserve a sonnet.


“G  u  t  e  n      T  a  g,      B  e  r  l  i  n!”


Long way from Kissonerga, German friends

A Berlin flat instead of Cyprus heat

Dear Rufus, kisses to his Eisbaer sends

He hopes one day his dearest pals to meet!

I miss the walk from Tala Square downhill

The warmest welcome, “Glass of Whisky, please!”

My eyes are moist, my heart with sadness fill’

An extra Malt, to cure my aching knees?  (An “Arran”?)

We try and solve the problems of the world

Whist Merkel, May, new barriers install

Together, smiling, Euro’ flag ‘unfurled

Such happy walks to “Spring of Life” recall

Salute our German friends, long may they reign

Dear Cyprus’ loss is only Berlin’s gain.  Fuer Karin und Heinz, Euch alles Beste in Berlin. xxxx