Let The Fantasy Continue!

Moosey Boy is a modern day Wordsworth!


“The engaged pair!”


M   O   O   S   E   Y        B   O   Y   !


“I wandered lonely as a Moose

My only friends: bald eagle, goose”

Vancouver, wandering inland

“Ain’t got a girlfriend, holding hand!”


I heard of Poet’s friend called Chris  (A Canadian Wonder!)

To Chilliwack I blew a kiss

No finer people ever seen

To see Dear Mary…. “really keen!”   (The dear wife of Chris)


Fantastic time, we had a ball

Not missing Blackpool, not at all!

We’re catching up on “Chester Times”

Where everything would end in rhymes!  (Nothing has changed!)


Now Moosey’s on a plane, flies back

With memories stowed in his sack

So far from Cyprus, Middle East

Halloumi cheese for M’ a feast!


Soon lonely he, he needs a friend

“I want my days alone to end!”   (He does have Rufus and co.!)

‘Espies a hedgehog, small and cute

He thinks: “This gal just is a beaut’!”


Please take it slowly, smitten moose

He’s not the one to “play it loose!”

And bending down on trembling leg

For married life Dear M’ does beg!


With roses on his antlers high

We hear Dear Hetty deeply sigh

Their futures pledged, a warm embrace

Wide smile on Moosey’s little face


No longer lonely, cuddle, kiss

Dear Hetty, Wow, no more a miss!

Who said that romance was no more?

A glass of Champers we do pour!  “Congratulations! I’m blushing. xxxx