Memories Of My Old Folk!

“No more sweeties!”

Tomorrow will be a lonely day; no playing for My Old Folk. We are now in the North!


L  o  n  e  l  y      M  o  n  d  a  y


Lonely Monday, player’s gone

Hearing only doleful song

Room is empty, like a tomb

Adding to my Monday gloom!


“Minute’s Silence”, music’s dead

‘Though ‘hear “Nimrod” in my head  (An Elgar favourite)

Sipping at my Whisky drink  (My Whisky gift)

Of My Old Folk I still think!


Dolly’s watching “Jerry Kyle”   (A dire situation!)

‘Lost her normal “shaking style”!

Tear that falls from sparkling eye…

Staring, heaves a heavy sigh!


Alan’s sleeping, Pat’s alone

TV’s on, she starts to moan

“Miss my music, special seat

And the tapping of folks’ feet!”


Heading North, the gloom soon goes

All predict high winds and snows

Ferret waiting, pair of clogs

Rugged hills and peaty bogs!


Tower welcomes, Stavros…. “Smile!”

Walking on The Golden Mile

‘Catches “Big One”, ‘needs a drink

Pint of Boddy’s ‘fore I blink!   (Boddington’s beer)


Piers are shining, “Kiss me quick!”

Large Cornetto… “Have a lick!”

Lesley Dawson looking down

On a cloud, dispels all frown!


Wurlitzer inside that Tower

Feel that Magic Ballroom Power

“Brucie Bonus”, “Strictly Dance”

All those northern lives enhance!


Back in Hastings, piano still

Hear with sadness now it fill’!

“Miss my sweetie, Doreen Dear

See you all… perhaps next year?”   For lisa and Jason in Old Hastings’ House  x x x x