“Monday Walking”

“Special Moments!”

Our Monday walks were very special. I miss them.


S  p  e  c  i  a  l        M  o  m  e  n  t  s


Special Moments: Monday Walking

Friends together, happy talking

Tala Square at half past eight

Recce-time, I couldn’t wait!


Four-by-Four, with Donald driving

Sixties’ Sounds we were reviving

“Honky Tonk”, a Rolling Stone

Mark is singing…. ‘start to groan!


Great adventure, hills we’re climbing

Friendly language, mostly rhyming

‘Love to lead friends “right off piste”

Thousand meters up?….. at least!


‘Need a challenge, Ian moaning

“NOT up there!”, he is intoning

‘Follows us, yes, just the same

‘Like to play this Monday game!


Highest point, the sun is shining

Not one thought of “food and wining”!

Viper watching from the side

‘Glad when he decides to hide!


Sticks are flying, Mark is racing

Steep the climb, no gentle pacing

Donald needs a “comfort break”

‘Think of this, my heart does ache!


Walk is ending, Leon calling

Special Moments I’m recalling

Grilled Halloumi, pitta bread

‘Happy when I’m being fed!


Lounza, chips, dear friend is eating

Hunger pangs he’s soon defeating

Apple cake, I salivate

Brandy too, it is our fate!


Special Moments, ‘heart is bursting

For a Leon I am thirsting

Grateful for my special friends

‘Sad when Monday Walking ends. For Donald, Mark and Ian. x x x x