Monday Walking!

Final Walk
“A lonely “Bull”

How I miss those Monday walks in Cyprus with Donald and Mark!










S t a t u s      W i n e       A n d      L e o n      B e e r s


Through the mists of time I’m walking

Monday morning: happy talking

Going down that Steph’nie Hill

Heart with wonderment it fill’!


Tala Square, the place we’re meeting

Mark and Donald… warmest greeting

Driving to Vatouthkia Start    (A favourite taverna)

Tractor pulling tiny cart!


Donkey braying, carobs feeding

Boots are laced, a long walk needing?

Small church passing, cloudless sky

Thinking of it, heave a sigh!


Lots of banter, three men joking

Birds that twitter, frogs are croaking

‘Soon arrive: “Adonis Baths

‘Blues have won.. the loudest laugh!


Aphrodite, silent, watching

Two hours more, and we’ll be “Scotching”   (Grouseman!)

Old man sitting with his dog

Quite contented on his log


View to reservoir… inspiring

Doughty walkers, never tiring?

G.P.S. is working well

Hear the sound of “goatie-bell”


Water glistens, couple fishing

Walks like this I still am wishing

Thoughts of April, final walk

Chapter closing, sad the talk!


Now we’re climbing,, sofas, litter!!

All this hiking,,, ‘feeling fitter?

Sitting down to calming beer

Swapping this for Blackpool pier!


Thoughts of final poem.. I’m sobbing

Garden view, a tiny robin  (Must be Cleveleys!)

Tears fall into Leon beer

From our friends a friendly Cheer!


Plane is leaving, lighthouse “waving”

Memories of friends I’m saving

‘Been in Cyprus many years

Status wine and Leon Beers!     Pure nostalgia for me!   D  x x x x