More Cyprus Memories!

Sandra and Mark are flying out to Peyia today. Beware! Happy times for Pinkie?




A      P  E  Y  I  A      R  E  U  N  I  O  N


Sandra, Mark are back in Peyia

They don’t have a single Caya!  (Sorry.. Care!)

Leon waiting, chilled white wine

Life, we’re sure, will be divine!


Lots of hills or quiet boozing?

Exercise or sundry snoozing?

Banter, memories prevail

Filtered by a Leon “ale”?  (Or two!)


Sunny weather, so relaxing

By the pool, life’s not too taxing!

Time to stroll to Coral Bay

Just to crown a super day!


Who’s that walking….Scottish “hiker”?  (Who could this be?)

Not a Wand’rer, more a biker?

Monday walks are in the past

Pleasure can’t forever last!


Summer walks, a meal soon beckons

On a drink or four man reckons?

Quiet hum, a laugh, a joke

Pure emotion starts to “choke”!


Ghosts at Amargeti walking

Someone ’bout the “Blues” is talking

“Never climbing up that slope!”

“Sorry, Ian, ‘need a rope!”


Just relax, those days uplifting

Minds to days of walking drifting?

Northern Cyprus, Troodos stay

Just another happy day!  (Or twenty!)


‘Raise my glass to “famous foursome”

Days together: really awesome!

Christmas we”ll be back again

To avoid the English rain!! xx