My Umbilical (*) Cord….From Blackpool to Paphos!

“Mighty Metal Monster”
“That Paphos shore”
“I say old bean!”

I am still firmly attached to Cyprus despite having a home in the U.K.




D   e   a   r          C   y   p   r   u   s   !


I have a cord, “an umbi’ cord” (*)

Attached to Paphos shore

‘Wont go away, a fine accord

Grows stronger… more and more!


My thoughts soon turn to Tala Square

In Mario’s… a beer

And in my sack… Dear Rufus Bear

He’s grinning ear-to-ear!


Quite soon ascending Koili Hill

Such memories return

So many walks my mind will fill….

Another Leon earn?  (For a change?)


Vatouthkia view, another walk  (A favourite taverna)

We scale another slope

Much laughter, friends all like to talk

My heart is full of hope!


“The Spring Of Life”.. tavern’ supreme

Halloumi-P to cheer  (pitta)

Reality or just a dream?

At last.. a Leon Beer!


A clear blue sky, no sign of snow

Fine line of walkers ‘lead

A speedy climb, we “don’t do slow!”

We are a doughty breed!


Kamares Club, a Christmas dance

Dear Sue and Brian smile

A Status wine our lives enhance

Put all of this on file


From Blackpool Tower.. a friendly wave

To all our friends “out there”

Another visit ‘always crave

With Dear “Old” Rufus Bear! xxxx   For Karin and Heinz… Happy memories xxxx