Needing Inspiration?

“Dump it here!”

Volunteers, I am told, are cleaning up the Kamares Village. In Anchorsholme, I am trying to do the same! At least our postman was very grateful!



A  l  l        G  o  n  e   ?



Verse creation

Chuckle-ing throughout the nation?

Rather walking…. Grant and Hil’    (Cyprus friends, the Hammonds)

Picking litter: “What a thrill!”


Kammy Village    (Sorry, Kamares!)

Lots of “hillage”

No place here for “litter spillage”?

Team of workers clear the street’

‘Leave Dear Village nice and neat!


“Phantom” passing    (4 x 4, playing Lloyd Webber)

Women gassing   (Never!)

Man foul parkers he’s harassing   (Council worker)

Law is clear, but who obeys?

Park ONE HOUR, NOT for days!


Someone’s tipping

Cola sipping

Frost at my poor feet is nipping!

Sofa left beside the road

Quite against our Highway Code! 


Rain is falling

Poo… appalling

Insects all around are  crawling

Man says: “Thank you, not my dog!”

P’rhaps it was a tiny frog?


Clock is tweeting    (RSPB clock!)

Blues defeating

Litter picked, the warmest greeting

Robin and a blackbird sing

‘Always loved that “birdie thing”!


Clean and tidy

Not just Friday?

Postman grateful, calling “Hi-Di!”

Doggie poo all cleared away

‘Least for just another day?    Keep on picking!   x x x x