Nuptials For The Chosen Two!

Further adventures for Moosey Boy and his bride!


“Now we are one!”

“That dancing bear!”


T  R  U  E        H  A  P  P  I  N  E  S  S


Peaceful is the Arran house

Moosey and his charming spouse

Planning trips around the globe

Hetty, in her wedding robe


Marriage, please, upon the beach

Coral Bay is within reach

“Spring of Life” for wedding meal…..

Always had such great appeal!


Happy Wand’rers… all be there?

B.T., Chantal, Rufus Bear?

Leon Beer to toast their life

Moosey with his Hetty wife


Lively talking, hedgehog, moose

“Animals” on walks let loose?

Leading soon?, the Mayors beam

Walking is their Cyprus dream


Make announcements, ‘raise a glass

To Dear Moosey and his “lass”

Soon Letymbou, Droushia hills

Climbing steeply, only thrills?


Fine Greek music, glass on ‘head

Rufus is for dancing bred

Bopping in Kamares Club

Singing in an English “pub”  (Karaoke!!)


Journey “home”, a honeymoon

Sunshine too…. “Oh what a boon!”

Far from floods and windy coast   (Cleveleys)

Cyprus really is the most!


Cuddle time, inviting pool

Little boat, M’ is no fool!

“Happiness is all we need!”

“Loving is our only creed!”   I am still quite loopy! xxxx