“Peace Again!”

“Let’s Dance!” xx


Rufus, the poet, didn’t like seeing a photo of “Rufus The Hawk!”.


“Bears win!”

“It’s a Bears’ World”

F  R  E  E  D  O M        B  E  A  R  S  !


Rufus, yes, but he’s no hawk

“I’m not one to ever squawk!”

“Only scatter seeds of love

Bear or maybe turtle dove?”


Wimbledon or Paphos Town?

Only smiles and never frown

Windsor or a Scottish course? (Troon?)

Trump not welcome here, of course!


Scotland yells: “There’s Hell toupee!”  (“Wig-man!)

Man who hates a man who’s gay

Rufus whispers: “What a twit!”

“Guess he’s not the greatest hit!”


Are you mobile Dearest Heinz?

Walking p’rhaps… Berlin to Mainz?

Keep a smile upon your face

Friendship only ever ace!


Josef Bear is “yodel-free”

All call this a “tragadee”  (He used to have a yodel)

On the shelf with Super Ted  (A super star in the Bear World)

What is going through his head?….


Statement issued: “World of Peace”

From Miami through to Nice

Berlin, Rome and Paris too

Arm-in-arm “Our Little Crew”   (Bears, of course)


“Hi Helsinki, Putin, Trump!”

Don’t give Little Folk the hump!

Switch off tweets, just friendly talk

Face-to-face, Moscow, New York


Hugs and kisses, Freedom Bears

Safer world for “he” who dares?

Middle East or Paphos Town

Always smiles and NEVER frown!


Rufus, yes, a Bear of Peace

From all Gaza stress release

Celebrate with those in France

Southgate.. England teams enhance!

Positivity today

Are you listening T. May? xxxx