“Power Walking”

I used to walk with a manic group in Cyprus. My friend, Steve, still survives! I survived two years of the Monday “Slog!” This is about my last Maniac Walk.


Happy Wandering!


T  H  O  S  E      M  A  N  I  C      W  A  L  K  E  R  S


Maniacs, they’re “power-walking”

“Ain’t got time for idle talking!”

Steaming up the steepest slope

For this “poet”, not much hope?


“Don’t have time for eat or drinking!”

Pretty boring, I am thinking

Time to stop, enjoy the view?

Stopping places… really few!


Friend he says: “Dear Nature calling!”

To the rear he’s quietly “falling”

Quick “appointment” with a bush

“Come on, Tony…Time to rush!”


Twenty k’ in three short hours

Draining are my walking powers

Aching knees, my legs soon sore

‘Loving “racing” more and more?


Jays are flying, “Like to stop, guys?”

“Keep it going!”, heaving loud sighs

Shooting from a hunting twit

“This, I do not like one bit!”


“Comfort Stop”, but no one’s waiting

“Just be quick!”, there’s no debating

Group goes left, straight on for me

“Am I lost, or am I free?”


Georgie Bates detects my error  (A leading Happy Wanderer)

Tiring of this “Manic Terror”

‘Slowly find our lone way back

“Give the maniacs the sack!”


Monday’s now are for exploring

Manic walks I’m still deploring

Koili Hill, enjoy the view

Problems here are really few!    Happy Days, Steve! For Steve Etherington xx