Remembering My Friend, Graham Brown!

We were in Blackpool yesterday for a wonderful production of “Saturday Night Fever”. We walked past the place where my friend took his life many years’ ago! A sonnet for Graham.


A peaceful scene for Dear Graham!


A      T  R  A  G  I  C      E  N  D


I  pass the place where Graham took his life

Four storeys high, his head was in a spin

He tried to make his friend his legal wife

But couldn’t be her “man”, he’d never win!

He parked his car, ’twas early, grey the sky

And walked up to the roof, resolve was made

No thoughts of personal harm, he heaved a sigh

I wonder, Graham, then, were you afraid?

Nose-dived direct, life ends with awful smash

A postman passes, yells and with despair

Poor face no more, he’d given it a bash

One wonders if this life…. can it be fair?

I hear Dear Mahler Fourth and see his face  (Gustave Mahler’s fourth symphony)

Fond memories of him I can’t efface!   You were a dear friend, Graham. A fellow teacher.