“Rickaby’s The Cure!”

I have been dreaming of Happy Wanderers’ walks. It is a cure for Brexititis!



“Proud Walkers”

A  N  O  T  H  E  R      W  A  L  K  I  N  G      D  A  Y  !


“Gather your condoms whilst you MAY!”

Nigel “brightens” up your day   (Meeting for “Leavers” in Bolton, U.K, with Dear Nigel Farage.)

Hardest Brexit, view N’s face  (On the hard Brexit condoms)

Isolation: Really Ace?


“Come on, Jerry!”, “People’s Vote”  (Jeremy Corbyn)

‘Stead of steering “scollops’ boat”  (Tension between France and the U.K.)

Building bridges, Euro friend

When will all this nonsense end?


Hearing “Davo” in my sleep  (This is myself)

Climbing up a goat-track steep

Lots of laughter, Brexit’s gone

Singing “Kinks”, not requiem song!


“Olive Tree” and John… so loud   (Polemi)

‘Do not mind, he lifts a cloud

Laughter: universal cure

Ken Dodd needed… more and more?


Not one trace of Nigel’s “trash”

Give his views a mighty bash!

Brexit, really Breakfast, please

Rub Halloumi on my knees!  (they’re still aching!)


Sense of humour, ‘stead of stress

U.K., though, is in a mess

Soon forgotten, Koili Hill

Country walking, what a thrill!


Thinking of that “Keo-Run”  (The race for the first Keo beer after a walk)

Hiking, drinking, lots of fun

Planning for a recce….four?

Droushia, Amargeti….. more?


Bolton, Leavers’ meeting done

Only rain, no Cyprus sun

Thoughts of “Empire” float away

On another Walking Day”.  For John Rickaby xxxx