One week in Sicily was a real tonic. We made many friends. We had a splendid guide and a terrific driver.



T  R  A  V  E  L        F  U  N



Off we go

Super driver, sun or snow

‘Even “backs” us down a slope

Fills us all with care and hope!


Rosa-O!  (Rosario)

Rarely slow

Never silent, group in tow

Soporific is his voice… zzzzzzzzzzz!

As a tour guide, our Rolls Royce!


Ian, Trish!

“Tasty dish”

Wearing clothing rather swish?

Chesterfield, they rule the town

Causing smiles, but never frown!


Roofer Pete

Jobs so neat

Always has clean pair of feet

‘Got his partner by his side

Sicily for smoother ride!


Mersey John!

‘Can’t go wrong

Whistle-ing a Beatles’ song

Svelte his figure, walking ace

Bearded Wonder, measured pace!


Cycling ace!

Smiling face

He maintains a rapid pace

Global pilgrim, promised land

With dear partner, hand in hand



Group Divine

Many downing lots of wine

Taormina, Etna peak

Holidays for ever ‘seek!


Travel Fun!

In the sun

Riviera, Number One

Grazie, fantastico

Sadly to the airport ‘go!  xxxx