Our guide in Sicily was brilliant. “Grazie mille, Rosario!”




T  O  P      O  F      T  H  E      T  R  E  E  !



You’re never slow

Your shiny head begins to glow!

An early start

As we depart

Your maps highlighted: work of art!


With Angelo

“On with the show!”

Your licence granted, off we go!

A patient man

No Desperate Dan

He’s zooming onwards, when he can!


Palermo King

The bells will ring

“Papa Rosari”, we will sing

A tuneful voice

We all rejoice

A fine tour leader, our Rolls Royce!


Taormino slope

We need a rope

Isola Bella gives us hope

A liquid lunch

Panini munch

We’re happy with Rosario’s “bunch”


An Etna Day

For sun we pray

Just mist and windy, skies are grey!

Volcanic “dust”

Great Wanderlust

There’s nothing shiny, mainly rust!  (Rosario’s head?)


All Hail our guide

Riviera’s pride

In Syracuse, we “rode the tide”

A pope?… not he

A busy bee

In “Touring World”…. “TOP OF THE TREE”…. “Grazie mille, Rosario” xxxx