“Rubbish Kings!”

My wife’s old shed has been removed from our garden by a pair of “rubbish stars”!


“He’s a happy chap!”


T  h  e        T  h  o  r  n  t  o  n        W  i  z  a  r  d  s



Grouchy and his Dear Friend, Hoggy

H’.. A cheese-man, though no “Froggie”!  (He loves all French people)

Special skill: “Removing crap”

Never time to have a nap!


Lots of fun and loads of banter

“Cup of tea instead of Fanta!”

Once a butcher, Hoggy’s strong

Hercules, you can’t go wrong!


Grouchy has a giant chopper

“Gosh!”, all say…”It is a whopper!”

Laurel, Hardy, comic pair

Guess which one is Yogi Bear?


Grouchy likes a glass of Whisky

‘Says it never makes him frisky!

‘Partial to an Irish Malt

Bushmills piled up in his “vault”!


Garage clearance, sheds demolish

Van needs bit of “spit and polish”

Builders’ waste, no thing too big

Even do an Irish jig!  (After hours, of course!)


Hammer swinging, shed is falling

‘Never swear: “It’s too appalling!”

“Smashing time”, and with a smile

Rubbish in the neatest pile!!


Bulky items, no,….not Grouchy!

Upright chap, he’s never “slouchy”!

Cheaper than a local skip

And his action’s “really hip!”


Grouchy wears the finest trainers

“Cheaper ones.. they are no-brainers!”

Hoggy, he is warmly dressed

Still he wears his Winter vest!


Happy couple, always joking

Grouchy with his chopper poking

‘Always wears designer gear

After work perhaps a beer? (Or six?)


“Thornton Rubbish” leads the nation

As they leave…”Standing Ovation”

In this world: “Removal Kings”

Allelu’ia ‘nation sings!  “Well done, you aces!”