Rubbish Monday!

Discarded rubbish near to Drousia Village
Anyone want a sofa?

We walked from the former Droushia Heights’ Hotel this morning. The tracks were scarred with discarded rubbish. This is an awful shame in such a beautiful area. Even in the sacred Kamares Village, we have had to move the recycling areas because of extra discarded rubbish. The Cypriots are NOT responsible for this! The photo is of the “new” rubbish tip on the way to Pittakopos



D  r  o u  s  h  i a      “E  x  p  e  r  i  e  n  c  e”


We don’t need bins in Cyprus

‘Throw trash into ravines

A car, refrigerator

Just devastating scenes!


Whilst walking near to Droushia

With bottles ‘long the path

The largest tip before us

Not in the mood to laugh!


A furniture collection

The photo I attach

A sofa there for comfort

With chairs and lamp to match!


Tip growing, nose I’m holding

So UGLY, dolphin too

High time to tell Dear Muhktar

He hasn’t got a clue!


A little further onward

A lorry’s dumping crap

Industrial, not needed?

I’m humming RUBBISH RAP!


We’re rescued by sweet donkey  (He is writing his own poem… Watch out!)

He has a friendly smile

He wants to be a builder

‘Build villas, yet, with STYLE!


Abandoned bear awaits us

And battered baby’s pram

Ascending magpies circling

We tell them all to SCRAM!


Then suddenly: Just Beauty

The view to Lara Bay

So rugged is the hillside

It takes our breath away


So beautiful: This Island

Let’s keep it litter free

Arriving: Drousia Village

‘Find rubbish in a tree!     Can anyone out there help, before the island chokes?