Sadly Missed!

The Master
“Cheers, sir!” (signed photograph)

I communicated with Dear Tony Benn for over fifteen years. He always replied with comments about my poems.




S  L  E  E  P      O  N      S  A  F  E  L  Y,      T  O  N  Y      B  E  N  N  !


“What y’er thinking, Tony Benn?”

Always was the best of men

Viewing Britain in a mess

From the heavens ‘great, ‘confess!


Looking at a Cyprus grove

Not one sight of Michael Gove!

Birds are tweeting, close me eyes

Up into those peaceful skies


Just forget the warring gulls

Brexit at my heart strings pulls

And avoid the litter louts

And those dreadful no-deal doubts!


Looking through a “Euro-fog”

Smiling Jacob Reesy-Mogg

BoJo, with that stupid smile

Kilometers, please, not miles!


‘Used to write to Tone B’

Comments always set me free

Sailing on a swaying boat…

Brings a lump to “poet’s” throat?   (No pretensions!)


Not a European he

High atop my “left-wing tree”

‘Hated all unneeded strife

Happy always with his wife   (Dear Caroline)


Looking down on Anchorsholme  (“Powerhouse of the North”)

“Are you seeing cap or comb?

Rather hearing mobile phone

“Is that guy an O2 clone?


Any better Paphos Beach?

Leon Beer is within reach!

“All inclusive, our hotel!”

‘Gives tavernas living Hell!


Sleep on safely, Tony Benn

Join you one day, ‘don’t know when!

Far from Brexit World of Strife

Arm-in-arm with special wife    Amen xxxx