Seagulls Remind Me Of Tala?

“A favourite view!”

Hastings has the constant chatter of seagulls!


F r o m      H a s t i n g s      T o      T a l a  !

I hear the cry of seagulls Baldslow-way    (Hastings!)

Two naughty birds are “bombing” local streets

They hunt for food, they’re causing great dismay

Discarded “goodies”: seagulls’ tasty treats

Upon the roofs, they clash with magpie call

Cacophony, it drowns a passing bike   (Hoorah!)

An early morn’ in Tala they recall

I cry to birdies: “Come on, What ‘you’re like!”

Balloon below the birds, they raise me up

Fly off to Beachy Head, my spirits soar

A glass of Status Red I’d love to sup   (Bitte, Heinz!)

Instead, a cheeky Jacob’s Creek I pour  (Oz!)

The World’s a better place with bird and wine

I slip into a slumber so divine!    zzzzzzzzzzzzz! “Yiamas!”  x x  Published on:    x x