Shop Early For Christmas…. Help!

It is not even Hallowe’en…and Santa arrives. It’s a commercial world!


A N        E A R LY        C H R I S T M A S


Christmas in October

Hallowe’en not here

Santa, far from Dover

Sipping Leon Beer!


Barmy are the shoppers

Chasing “Bargain Toys”

Presents all are “whoppers”

Happy girls and boys!


Thousands they are spending  (Euros?)

Credit cards are hot

Really costly lending

Lots of debt soon got!


‘Bought a Dancing Santa

An electric deer  (Rudolf?)

And a crate of Fanta

Lots of Keo beer!  (Only in Paphos?)


Homeless guy NOT buying

Huddled in a sheet

Christmas thoughts?… He’s crying….

Just got frozen feet!  (“Just managing, Mrs. May!)


Christmas pies are ready

“Six-pack, get two free!”

And a “Santa Teddy”

High atop a tree!


Six weeks till December

Freezer full of meat   (Not I!)

Aunty Jean ‘remember

Slippers for her feet!


Windows full of fairies

Holly, mistletoe

Cream from local dairies

Christmas cake loved so!


Kids are “Trick and Treating”

Give them loads of sweets

Plus some Christmas Greetings

And from Trump… by Tweets!


What’s the special meaning?

‘Got the “God of Toys”

No religious “leaning”?

For those girls and boys


Christmas…. Far Too Early?

Booking Summer hols’

“What to buy for Shirley?”

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