“Stavros Is Back….Beware!”

chuff chuff
“Southern Magic?”
“Where is Stavros?”

A friendly Cypriot turned up again in Sheffield Park, East Sussex! He has also joined the National Trust.




















P  o  s  t  c  a  r  d      F  r  o  m      S  h  e  f  f  i  e  l  d      P  a  r  k  !


Sweet Paradise: a peaceful Sheffield Park

As trees abound, ‘see waterfalls and lake

A wildlife world, ‘hear blackbirds sing and lark

Just cheerful sounds… and all for Cyprus’ sake!!

Surprise for all, Dear Stavros on the scene

He’s hiding in a tree-house, smiling Greek!

No longer drinking, figure svelte and lean  (“We don’t believe it!”)

Emotions win, as tears roll down his cheek!

He loves the gardens, Chantal shows him ’round

Departs for Bluebell Line, a loco’ fan

Lost youth, he says, at last he’s really found

So happy, geese he feeds, contented man

Dear Stavros sends a card to Paphos friend

He hopes that Leon Suessex-way will wend!  For that Keomann x x x x