“Stick To Dancing!”

A dancing feast in Birmingham…. not!



“S  T  R  I  C  T  L  Y      C  O  M  E      T  O  R  I  E  S !”


“Strictly Come Tories”, T.M. will lead   (Mrs. May?)

Dancing Queen robot, doughty the breed

Devil called Boris, monocle twit  (Who could that be?)

Govian Eeco, Hammond’s a hit!


Better at dancing, country?… don’t care!

Robotic Devil’s got funny hair!

Violin player, London can burn

Do “Brexit Shuffle”, pay as you earn!


Northern Ire’ Tango, “Borderline Jig”

If there are problems…don’t give a fig!

Quick-step to Europe, “Barnier Smooth”

“No Dealing Foxtrot”, who will approve?


“All this don’t matter”, dancing will win

Trading with…. Mali, selling them gin!

Gun boats are dancing, do “Channel Bop”

Waltzing with Bali, trade deal’s a flop!


“Strictly Come Tories” leading the world

Only for dancing, insults soon hurled

None of us stupid, Brexit NO GOOD!

Dancing in Europe, that’s if we could…. HELP! xxxx