Beware, “President” Trump is about!


“A fine baby!” xx


C  Y  P  R  U  S        “P  R  E  S  E  N  T” !


Cyprus, sending you a present

No, not verse from Yorkshire peasant!

Blow up baby, Donald Trump

Georgie Bates cries: “Ecky Thump!”


“Hamster” on his golden head

Giving him such great “street cred”

Good news: only got a “doll”

Neither Mel’, his faithful Moll!


Idiot at Windsor soon

Underneath a “royal” moon

Criticising all in sight

Emphasising “U.S. Might”


Doll has nappy and a pin

In the artist’s world “a win”?

Babies in the world protest

“Trumpikins is not the best!”


Hanging from Kamares Club

Of ALL life, this is the hub

Photos taken, giggles too

Better p’rhaps in Paphos Zoo?


Darkest night, all hear a pop

High above “Kamares Shop”

Was the culprit ‘nappy pin?

Damage Trump would be a sin!!


Was that culprit Rufus Bear?

Winking: “I would never dare!”

Smirking at “elastic wreck”

Georgie Bates cries: “Bloody Eck!”


Sanity to Cy’ returning

For the poet’s verse they’re yearning!  (I bet!)

Far away from Windsor “ass”

Sipping from his Whisky glass!   “Yiamas!” xxxx