Tatcon Festival in Blackpool!

One of my first poems, for this blog, was about a tattooed guy on the beach: Vardas Beach in Cyprus. The “Tatcon” festival is at the Norbreck Castle Hotel in Blackpool this weekend… Help!


“Wear them with pride?”

T  A  T  T  O  O        F  E  S  T  I  V  A  L


Tatts! Tatts!

Going bats?

Men sit there in silly hats

Norbreck for the Tattoo Show

All of Blackpool sure to go??


Legs! Arms!

Extra “charms”?

Number of your house alarms? (True!)

Tracey printed on your neck

Now with Katie…. “Bloody ‘Eck!”


Cas’! Cas’!

Norbreck Cas’

Tatcon, folk go there en masse?

Get yourself a whopping tatt’

Lizard or a pussy cat?


Look! Look!

Tattoo Book!

Stuart likes to take a look! (In the Y.M.C.A. gym!)

Arm with angel, what a farce?

‘Got a rainbow on his **se!


Head! Toes!

Anything goes?

Get a gold stud on your nose!

Churchill and a Un’on flag   (Brexit!)

Shot-gun and a Burb’rry bag?


Chest! Thigh!

Hear my sigh!

‘Got a star above the eye?

Knife and sabre on your leg

Latest girlfriend, name of Meg!


Win! Win!

Tatcon Gin?

Naked legs would be a sin?

Entertainment, have a ball!

Fame in Tatcon’s “Hallowed Hall”


Tatts! Tatts!

Mainly prats?

Raising high my German hats!

‘Got a grand or two to spare?

P’rhaps for me, “tatt’ Rufus Bear”?  I do not think that this will happen… How about you? xx