That Dear British Bulldog!



I despair of the abuse caused by the proposed “exit” from Europe. We were in London for the Chelsea Flower Show last weekend.


P  e  a  c  e  f  u  l        T  h  o  u  g  h  t  !


“British” Bulldog, full of hate

Mocking Europe’s “dreadful fate”

‘Got a “V”-sign, Union Flag

‘Throws away his burning fag!



Yorkshire Rose

Yorkshire Rose  (A coach firm)

Stick a fiver up your nose

None of Bulldog’s hateful sneer

Rather have a Tetley’s Beer?


Preston Guy

Preston Guy

Wagamamma’s, heave a sigh

‘Glad to hear a Northern voice

Food so good, we just rejoice!


Big Ben Chime

Big Ben Chime

Downing Street, I change my rhyme

“Maggie” May is far away

Sweetening our London Day!


London Eye

London Eye

Homeless guy, he starts to cry

Give him shelter, give him food

Optimistic is our mood


Hotel Full

Hotel Full

Prospects here are never dull!

All the workers…. foreign face

Welcome to the Human Race!


Peaceful Thought

Peaceful Thought

Doing what we really ought….

Hugging all, yes, black and white

Prospects then are really bright!



British Bulldog.. gone away

Violence will never pay

‘Stead of “V”-sign, rose of peace

Hateful thoughts forever cease!   HELP! XXXX