The Antidote To Grumpiness?

Could Brexit be the cause of Mr. Grumpy’s presence?

G  R  O  W      S  O  M  E      W  I  N  G  S  ?


Feeling really… very grumpy

Path not smooth, it’s often lumpy

‘Wonder if it’s Brexit’s cause?

Time to take a “barmy pause”?


Hospital, outside girl’s smoking

On her crutches, almost choking

Bolton Wand’rers going broke   (HELP!)

Sorry, this is not a joke!


On a cloud, I’m slowly rising

Vulture soars, he is advising:

“Grow some wings and fly away

Life in England doesn’t pay!”


Channel view, Calais I’m viewing

Lots of manic cars are queueing

Eiffel Tower, I stop to rest

Cognac, please, by far the best?


Wobbly flight, fine Cognac “working”

Stress has gone, but eagle’s lurking

Seeking refuge… Avignon

“Sur Le Pont”, it is my song!


Soaring high… the Alps o’erflying

‘Least up here, no seagulls crying!

Mind now clear, the Med’ below

On a sled… Rufus in tow!  (Who else?)


Eastern Med’, Mandria landing

Rufus… me a Leon handing

Cognac mixed with lots of beer

Head now feeling rather queer?


Vardas Beach , no longer grumpy

Calm my thoughts, no longer “lumpy”

Antidote to Brexit strife….

Cuddle time with darling wife!  xxxx For Mr. Grumpy / Heinz.