The Cure Is To Be Found In Emba!

No stress in Paphos!



“Stage One times!”



“I   D O      N O T      D O      S  T  R  E  S  S”   !


Audi! Audi!

Music…. Rowdy!

Boom! Boom! Boom!, instead of Howdy?

Indictors do not work

‘Guess he is a selfish Berk!


Biking! Biking!

‘Stead of hiking

Walking….. much more to my liking!

Peaceful is this country path

Time to talk and have a laugh!  (Amargeti?)


Scooter! Scooter!  (Mobility scooters)

Massive “hooter”

Fat, tattoos, he can’t be cuter!

Weaving in…. and dodging out

Some might give him ‘massive clout!!


Mum is phoning

Child is groaning

Requiem I am intoning

Squealing brakes, child on the road

‘Got to be a “texting code”!


Squawking! Squawking!

“Ladies” talking

Children riot, I am walking  (Far away!)

Bringing mothers lots of sweets  (In the “One Stop” store)

On their phones, send lots of tweets!!


Emba playing  (“Stage One”)

Head is swaying

All the signs of stress allaying

Joyful chorus, raise the roof

Miss it so, to tell the truth!  Amen to les’ Arnold, my dear friend! xxxxxx