The Gym’… or…. A Walk In Cyprus?

An amusing moment in the gym changing room in Poulton.


Cyprus walking.. No bushes here!


T  O  I  L  E  T        T  A  L  K  I  N  G


Talking toilet…. am I dreaming?

And it was so quiet seeming!

Lad is talking on the phone

On the pot,,, just hear my groan!


Then a “noise”… hear lots of giggles!

Man with goggles looks like Biggles!

Puzzled face… he looks perplexed

I am ever cross or vexed?  (Just smiling?)


Wheezy chest… should he be biking?

P’rhaps a snooze more to his liking?

No?… I recommend a sleep

Underneath the duvet creep?


Cough and splutter… is he choking?

‘Really healthy?… only joking!

‘Goes off, on the rower sits

Is he really thrilled to bits?


“Toilet Talking”… more his liking

‘Stead of lots of weekly hiking?

‘Guess he could provide the beer?…

Happy Wanderers would cheer!


Toilets there are in the bushes

Walker to a “dark” spot rushes

Joins the walk, look of relief

And he causes no one grief!


Beer-cart on the walk: “Yes, pleasey!”

Management is “Oh so easy!”

Have a beer with your packed lunch

As your walnuts you do munch?


Talking toilet, danger over

“Gymnast”.. heading off for Dover

Joining in the “Brexit Queue”

Cyprus? problems only few!   “Who buys the beer after a walk?” xx