Walking Again!

“Es regnet in Blackpool!”
“A Tala view… beautiful!”

The Happy Wanderers’ walking group was our life in Cyprus for ten years. We hope that it is not now a “Luncheon Club”!


A      L  u  n  c  h  e  o  n      C  l  u  b  ?


“Give me back my Cyprus walking!”

With my friends and happy talking

‘Stead of paddling in the rain

Garden flooded…. What a pain!


Johnnie B’, a walk he’s leading

Afterwards in Kouklia feeding

Walking Group, now Luncheon Club

“Give up walking, go to’t pub!”  (A Yorkshire expression!)


Cyprus Life was mainly walking

Up a hill, to ‘left we’re forking

Amargeti, finding routes

Wearing always… walking boots!


Tsada, though I’m not golf-clubbing  (Rather walk?)

At my crystal ball I’m rubbing

“Maggie” May has disappeared

To the left, proud man with beard!


Salamiou, ’bout Doug I’m thinking (Dear Doug Fenton)

Even Aphrodite’s winking!

Alan Bowd, he loves that place

Sheila, tears roll down her face!


Down to Tala Square we’re going

Hikers follow, to-and-fro-ing

Twelve kms and time for food

Vatouthkia improves our mood!  (Famous taverna)


View to reservoir, I’m sighing

England now, and “wond’ring why-ing”!

Heading straight for Coral Bay

Even Pinkie’s here today!  (Walking too?)


Tony Rafe, on ‘bike he’s passing

“Nemo’s”, walkers mainly “gassing”

Life so hard with Leon Beer

“Yiamas!”, hear all members cheer!    Happy memories xxxx