War Heroes!

I used to have my piano lessons, looking at the photo of a soldier in uniform. My teacher was called Evelyn Rennison. She lived on Pullan Avenue, Eccleshill, Bradford, WestYorkshire. This is for remembrance day.


“R.I.P., Dear mum!” xxxx

T  H  E      P  H  O  T  O      O  N      T  H  E      W  A  L  L


I’m haunted by a photo on the wall

A soldier in a uniform looks down

I wondered: “Should I know this man at all?”

So handsome in his uniform of brown

Tchaikowsky playing, ballet music soothes

Dear Evelyn counting, melodies inspire

A Chopin prelude, my poor heart it moves  (Opus 28, No.4, in E Minor)

Her hero, Ludwig, really lights our “fire”   (Beethoven, of course!)

The years have passed, return to Eccleshill

Dear Evelyn dying, talks about her life

‘Was married ‘fore World War, I feel a chill

She taught her music, ‘was a lonely wife?

Man perished far from piano lesson room

This photo now adorns Dear Evelyn’s tomb.