Rufus is flying me off to Cyprus to escape a certain wedding fever here… HELP!




T  H  E      G  R  E  A  T      E  S  C  A  P  E  !


‘Load of “Bullocks” parked outside  (A coach outside our Charity Shop)

This inspires a Cyprus “ride”

Leaving swiftly Cleveleys’ shop

In a car…. The Tower a-top!


Searching for a royal-free zone

Switching off my mobile phone

Fine Theletra is my aim

Village of such peaceful fame


Seated in my magic car

Paphos, tell me, is it far?

Flying over vale and hill

Ageing… I’ve got time to kill!


Rufus steering, please watch out!

Giving naughty gulls a clout!

Soaring up into the sky

“Wonder where he learned to fly?”


High above a Cretan Beach

Coral Bay soon within reach

Peyia Pinkie looking on

Singing loudly Beatles’ song!   (“Help”)


Landing close to Coral Breeze

Pitta with Halloumi cheese

Goah, another Leon Beer

List’ning to the locals cheer!


Saturday…. a football match?

Rootie takes a special catch?  (England cricket captain)

Could it be a rugby try?

Fly-half is ‘amazing guy!  (Owen F’)


Kisso’, watching royal “gig”

As for me, ‘don’t give a fig!

Flying up to Tala Square

With my pal, Dear Rufus Bear!  xx    Theletra will be the next stop.  xx