What A Guide!

Rogelino, Roger, was our Costa Rican guide. What a lovely person!


R    o    g    e    r   !


Roger! Roger!

He’s no dodger

Standing next to some old codger!   (Myself?)

Eating lots of chees and fruit

Ladies find him “really cute”!


Talking! Talking!

Sometimes walking

Look!… I see, he’s Alex stalking!  (Tour manager)

‘Takes a breath before he speaks

Silence: what he really seeks!


“Pura Vida!”

Deutsche Lieder?  (I’m humming German songs!)

Roger is a fine “good-deeder”

“Hola!”, ‘guess he’s coming back?   (A threat?)

Chattering… he has the knack!


Early riser!


Of all Costa Ricans wiser?

Animals and birds “his thing”

Thankful that he doesn’t sing?


“Back!”, he’s coming   (“Guess who’s back?”)

Bird is humming

Such excitement, hear the drumming!

“Driest season, ‘rarely rains!”

Watch the rainfall fill the drains!


Roger! Roger!

Someone’s lodger?

‘Works so hard, he is no dodger!

‘Loves his Costa Rica place

Lots of smiles upon his face!   We are all missing him already… He is a national treasure xxxx