If you are new to Cyprus, my blog may well come in handy for you. I am blogging about everyday situations you are likely to come across and be surprised at because you come from a different culture.

I also blog about places I’ve been to. I hope that my experience could be of advantage for those of you who are, like me, foreigners and new to the island. I offer you to learn from my mistakes!

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Taking It Easy

This is not a story. Today I am up for a piece of advice. Recently I have celebrated 10 month of my new life – life in Cyprus. […]

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Do You Really Love Me?

This is a didactic story about the importance of speaking a local language. Coming back to Cyprus after a week away was a real adventure. Having the residence […]

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Some Tips on Tipping in Cyprus

This is the story of how I became the local taxi office favourite client. When we just moved to Nicosia, I didn’t own a car. Every time I […]

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