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Packing tips for your vacation in Denmark

Denmark – the lovely country in Scandinavia – is a great place to visit. In Denmark, you will find historical treasures, exiting culture, great people and beautiful…

Experience the Beautiful North Sea

Denmark is well-known for its beautiful nature, especially the North Sea. Along the Western coast of Denmark, this impressive sea stretches from Rømø to Hanstholm.

Meet the Expat – Ken Shaw living in Gran Canaria, Spain

Ken Shaw is living the expat dream in his tropical home in Gran Canaria, Spain. It is, quite simply, his idea of paradise... which he and his wife…

Meet the Expat – Mariam Ottimofiore living in Dubai

Our guest this week describes herself as an "eternal expat". She has lived in 7 countries and 3 continents and is now raising 2 multicultural and multilingual kids in…

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