Coming to Aarhus: Find local activities

Coming to Aarhus: Useful links

Are you an expat living in Aarhus or a city close by? Then I’m guessing you’re interested in knowing more about local activities such as libraries and sports. Going to these kind of places can be a great means of settling into a new city, as you often chat and have fun with other Danes. In this guide I have collected some useful links, which hopefully will make your stay here even better. Enjoy!


Borgerservice is not located in  the City Hall as in many other cities. Instead you’ll find it here: Dokk1, Hack Kampmanns Plads 2, 8000 Aarhus C.

If you don’t live in Aarhus C you can get help at some of the city’s local libraries (not all problems can be solved here, though).

New passport

If you need to get your passport renewed, you’ll also have to drop by Borgerservice.

You can read more about passport renewal here.


On the local pages of the libraries you can see which activities and facilities each library have to offer. On some of the pages you’ll also find a local historic archive for the area. When lending your next exciting book, there’s no need to drive too far to get it. Simply use this map to find the library closest to you: 


If you are looking for the best beach to get a tan or maybe try winter bathing, these two places are the best in the city:

Den Permanente

Bellahage Strand

Bellehage Havbad is open all year. At ’Den Permanente’ there is access for all during the summer. If you want access all year, you’ll need to buy a membership.

Public indoor swimming pools

In Aarhus you can choose between four different indoor swimming pools:

Badeanstalten Spanien

Is in an old protected building from 1933. The facilities are the same as a traditional public indoor swimming pool. If you want a special experience, you should try Grossererbadet. Here you can try polar baths, steam baths, massage baths, rain baths, and sauna.


Has everything a traditional public indoor swimming pool has to have: a swimming pool, a play pool, a workout pool, a baby pool and an unconventional unisex sauna.

Aarhus Svømmestadion

Is for the person interested in workouts and doing swimming lanes. The facilities include an indoor pool, which measures 50 meters and has 26 degrees hot water and an outdoor swimming pool, which measures 25 meters and has 24 degrees hot water. The outdoor swimming pool is only open in the schools’ summer break.

Lyseng Svømmebad

In this public indoor pool there’s room for the whole family. It contains a play pool with three slides and a pool for springboard diving. Here you can have the whole family getting ready in one of the two joint changing rooms.

Outdoor skating rink

At wintertime you’ll find Aarhus’ outdoor skating rink on the square in front of Musikhuset. It can be used all hours and it is free of charge. Between 7-12 o’clock the ice is being prepped for the rest of the day, so you can’t skate in this period. You can rent skates next to the rink. Check out their page for opening hours – it depends on the weather.

Indoor skating rink

If you’d rather skate indoor you can do so in Aarhus’ indoor skating rink. Here you can also throw children’s birthday parties or spend a night going to ice disco.¨

Sport centres

If you are looking for a place to workout, there’re plenty of possibilities to do so in one of the city’s eight local sports centres.


This place is in Brabrand and was built in 2005. It’s a big center (963 m2) and it also has two smaller rooms. There are also outdoor activities such as a beachvolly court.

Nørre Boulevard Idrætscenter

This sports centre you’ll find on Nørreboulevard 1, 8000 Aarhus C. If you enjoy playing ping-pong or volleyball, you can check out these two clubs – both of them train in this centre.

Brabrand Idrætscenter

In this centre a lot of activities happen. For instance you’ll find football fields and a petanque space. If you are interested in knowing which activities you can participate in, you can check this link:

Lystrup Idrætsforening

Here you have different possibilities: Some are playing racquetball, tennis or handball in one of the two courts. Check this link out and discover the activities that take place in the centres:


This centre also has a skating rink and a cafeteria. Various clubs are active in the centre. On this Facebook page you can follow the clubs’ activities 

Viby Idrætscenter

In this sports centre you’ll find two indoor spaces, tennis courts, and nine football fields. Here you can see which activities the local club offer.

Egelund Idrætscenter

This sports centre offers a lot of different sports activities. You can use two indoor spaces, a swimming pool, play tennis or use the outdoor shooting range.  


Here you can work out in two indoor spaces. Aarhus Svømmestadion is also located here.

Leisure activities

On this map you can easily find the swimming pool, running route or the playing field that is located closest to your residence.

Sickness benefits

If you are receiving sickness benefits, you can get information and learn about the rules, opening hours and more here.