Experience the Beautiful North Sea

Denmark is well-known for its beautiful nature, especially the North Sea. Along the Western coast of Denmark, this impressive sea stretches from Rømø to Hanstholm.

Here, you can breathe in fresh air, taste salty water on your lips, and feel fine grains of sand beneath your feet. It’s simply Danish nature at its best!

In this post, I’ll be guiding you to a family-friendly summer house vacation by the North Sea, as I give my advice on nature, housing, activities, and safety. You won’t regret experiencing this stunning place.


Enjoy Breathtaking Nature

There are lots of ways to enjoy the magnificent nature surrounding the North Sea. Have your morning coffee on the beach and watch the sunrise. Quiet moments like these allow you to relax and appreciate nature.

You can also explore the North Sea with fun activities for the whole family, such as looking for amber, going crab hunting, and finding decorative shells and stone.

If you enjoy working out, this setting is perfect for long walks on the beach. Or why not go for a swim in the sea? Be aware of the safety flags, though. If you see a red flag, you are not allowed to enter the water.

Stay in a Cosy Summer House

In the small towns along the North Sea, you’ll find a lot of different summer houses. There are the modern ones with luxurious amenities as well as older houses inviting you to live a simpler life. This means you can stay in the type of house that suits you and your family.

Although different, most Danish summer houses feature wooden décor and lovely terraces allowing you to soak up the rays of the sun at every time.

Visit Esmark and see various holiday rentals. Maybe you’ll find your house for the summer. If you don’t understand Danish, you can visit their German site. Luckily, most Danes also speak English, so you can always call or write the agency for help in English.


Try Fun and Family-friendly Activities

The cities in West Jutland offer a wide variety of activities such as museums, golfing, and horseback riding. You can choose activities according to your personal interests and hobbies or try some all-round activities for the whole family like the Viking harbor in Bork or Adventure Park in Ringkøbing.

Don’t forget about classic summer house activities either. Why not try flying kites on the beach, biking around the Danish landscape or grilling on the terrace? Should you experience a rainy day or two, you can stay inside and read a book or challenge your family to a board game.

Keep safe

The North Sea is incredibly beautiful – no doubt about that. But it can also be quite dangerous due to winds and currents. Therefore, be safe and memorize the five official bathing guidelines:

1. Learn to swim
2. Never bathe alone
3. Learn to read the wind and water conditions
4. Familiarise yourself with the beach
5. Don’t lose sight of children

You can find additional information about safety on the beach here.

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