Crazy Mom at Table 9

Last Friday we went to the Organic Foods & Cafe brunch at Dubai Mall. We normally don’t do brunches but our family is on a mission to use more vouchers from The Entertainer book before they expire at the end of the year. When we got there, we sat at one of the big round tables near the kids toy area in the back of the restaurant and started to eat. About half an hour later a woman and her 2 young girls sat down at the table next to us. She began unwrapping some kind of electronic device, but I didn’t really pay much attention to her.

This is not an actual picture of us, it’s just a random pic of the restaurant. We sat at the table on the left and the other woman sat at the table on the right.

After Lil S finished eating I let her go and play while I fed Baby E. A little while later I walked over to the play area to check on her and noticed there was a blackberry plugged into the wall in the kids area. It was just sitting there on the floor and I thought, “What bright person decided to leave their phone plugged into the wall in a kids area?”

Then I put it together that it was the woman at the table next to us. At this point I think it would have been perfectly reasonable for me to ask her to remove it since it’s a hazard to the kids. I don’t know why I didn’t say anything because after what happened next, I really should have.

I sat back down to eat dessert and a little while later went back to check on the kids in the play area. At this point my husband was already standing there because Baby E decided she wanted to play too. Next thing I know the woman is scolding a little girl for moving the chair that the woman had her blackberry sitting on. WHAT?! You do know that this is a kids play area and that chair is for kids to sit on, not your precious blackberry. Right?!

She stood over the girl and very angrily told her, “Do not move the chair again!” I was shocked and later disappointed that I didn’t intervene. She had no right to speak to the young girl in that way, especially since the woman was in the wrong by leaving her blackberry there! My husband and I were both in shock, our mouths were literally wide open. I wanted to say something but didn’t…ugh I’m so upset with myself for that.

Is it wrong that with each kid that came into the play area, I hoped that he/she would just walk right over, snatch it off the charger and chuck it at the wall. Sounds vindictive but it would have been satisfying and that woman surely would have deserved.

I don’t know what was wrong with that woman, maybe she was having a bad day. I get it, we all have our off moments when we do things that we aren’t proud of or that we normally wouldn’t do. Next time I’ll have to get myself together and do the right thing, which I obviously failed to do in this moment.