Funny Busy Family Quotes

Something I’ve said to my own mother. 🙂

I swear some days I wish we had a film crew documenting our lives. I know most families have their funny moments but my family is like a side show. I realized this after spending almost a month in 1 bedroom with all my kids and husband during our vacation in Cyprus.

Here are some of the funny things we’ve said or done over the last 20 something days:

1. As everyone is settling into bed, I tell my husband to make sure the car windows are closed. Big K goes, “Yes or else squirrels might jump in.” (I’ve never even seen a squirrel in Cyprus!)

2. After we put Lil S to bed, the rest of the family are in the family room and she comes around the corner w/ hands on her hips and says, “Really? Nobody is going to sleep with me? Really?”

3. As Lil S just falls asleep, Baby E crawls over to her and rests her fluffy hair on her big sister’s hand. Lil S wakes up and goes, “Oh I thought it was a baby chicken coming to see me.”

4. Big K is combing his hair in the bathroom and asks us, “Does my back hair look good?”

5. In a moment of randomness, I walk away from my sister-in-law and moon her. She yells, “My dad!” I turn back around and in the shadow of a fig tree, just behind her, my father-in-law was sitting eating lunch. Peeeeerrrrrfect.

Now that I’m writing this, these things don’t seem as funny. I guess you’d have to be there and see it to know how hilarious all this was. See…that’s where the whole filming our lives comes in! We totally need a camera following us around so I can share our family’s good times with the world. 😀