Getting Ready for Pre-School

For weeks I’ve been reading my friends’ status updates on Facebook and Twitter … every one of them that has kids has been counting down the days until the kids go back to school. Me too! I can’t wait for some peace and quiet in this house.

Little S has actually been begging to go to school. This is what I found on her bed yesterday:

She set out all her outfits by herself and lined up her shoes as well. I was actually shocked because she hardly ever wears anything besides dresses unless I force her to wear shirts and shorts/pants.

I should have seen this coming, but of course during the Dubai Summer Surprises shopping festival I went out and bought a ton of new dresses for her. Now it looks like she’s taken up a new fashion trend.

I swear sometimes I think she does these things on purpose just to rile me up. I’m sure she gets quiet pleasure out of it. Now I need to decide whether to buy her some new tops that fit her properly or just wait and see if she’ll go back to wearing dresses. I can’t wait until she goes to Kindergarten next year because she’ll be wearing a proper school uniform then.

Update: Lil S asks daily to go buy a school uniform like her big brother. She still has not worn a dress outside the house. I may have to break down and go shopping for new clothes this week.