The Entertainer Vouchers Going to Waste…Again

It’s already October and once again we’ve hardly used any of the vouchers in our Entertainer Family book. We get the book every year and end up using enough vouchers to cover the cost of the book (which is AED 350), but that’s only like 10 out of the hundreds of vouchers in the book. The penny-pinching, savings lover in me is upset…there’s more savings to be had!

One of the problems is that the books are very large and heavy. We can’t go lugging them around everywhere just in case we find an outlet that accepts them (my diaper bag is heavy enough). I do try to plan our day around the vouchers and pull out the ones we will definitely use (including a couple that we might use).

But honestly there are so many times we just don’t bother and end up saying, “oops, we could have used an Entertainer voucher here.”  I wish they would just make it a card that you scan instead of paper vouchers. That way we wouldn’t have to bother with bringing the books everywhere.

Do you buy any of  The Entertainer books? How many vouchers from the book do you use in a year? I still think it’s worth buying every year (obviously, since we do); I just wish they would move to a paperless system to make it easier (and more environmentally friendly!).