What’s Next for Dubai?

One thing I love about Dubai is that Sheikh Mohammed, the ruler of the Emirate, really doesn’t think there is anything out of reach. Every week a new initiative is announced that makes us expats raise our eyebrows in wonder. But somehow he manages to make it happen. Dubai is home to so many “-est” things (largest, tallest, longest, fastest, etc) that I’ve lost track!

In fact, sometimes I wonder why they don’t go after more. I’ve had discussions with many people wondering why Dubai hasn’t hosted the Olympics or World Cup. We certainly have world-class facilities to host the events, and if not, Sheikh Mohammed would just snap his fingers and it would be built.

That’s the thing about having a visionary as the leader of a government. Even if it seems impossible he pushes us all until we achieve it. I think that’s why Dubai is an incubator for so many start-ups in the Middle East. There are so many creative and talented people starting businesses from the ground up and then expanding them out of the region. The Entertainer, Just Falafel and Jado Pado come to mind immediately.

What Will Be the Next Big Thing?

The next big thing is bound to come out of Dubai because we’ve got the right formula: creative minds, hungry entrepreneurs and (of course) capital investment. I don’t know what it is, but I’m excited about it. I’m sure they’ll hold off to make a big splash at World Expo 2020 or some other huge event. I just hope I’m still in Dubai to be a part of it all.

I saw this infographic of other inventions announced at previous World Expos. They all seem pretty tame compared to developing technology now. We’re using 3D printing to make everything from guns and cameras…to food. Who would have ever imagined! I’m hoping for something that is consumer-focused (aka not too expensive), eco-friendly and portable. Or the fountain of youth. 😀

What do you think the next big thing will be?