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Perhaps we are all Wrong! (Economically speaking)

We worry about the state of the Economy (or at least we are told we should) – but is it time for a change? Before I get…

Do you Fancy Meeting up to discuss current affairs?

Blogging is all very well, but as you well know, my Blog is about dialogue. I have my views... but what are yours? I'm never one for…

Attention all cats lovers

If, like me, you rely on the well-being of your pets to feel good yourself, you probably live with one, two or more cats or doggies. Unfortunately they often cost quite a lot of money but they are well worth it, we all know that.

Visit the most powerful trawler in western France

80 m long, 16.5 m wide, 4 Rolls Royce engines of 22 000 cv each, the Abeille Bourbon trawler is the most powerful trawler on the western coast of Brittany.

La Bourboule

If there is a place where old hotels go to die, La Bourboule must be strongly in the running. Going by the average age of the residents, not a few people must also choose to end their days here.

Breaking Bread

As Christmas approaches and days are getting shorter and colder, I have been experimenting with the bread machine to find something a bit special for that period when tasty snacks are welcome after the indulgences of the holidays.

6 months later...

I am now well and truly an integrated French dog. I have a European Passport which allows me to easily travel between EU countries. I had my…

In the back seat of a car

I had a few days in Paris. My humans decided to drive there. All good with plenty of water & 'other' stops. Remember the seat belts! I always…

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