2018 is will be still very attractive if you have a project for a real estate in France: for the time being, you can find a loan for less than 3 % all in.  But the demand creates a tension on the real estate market, so it is recommended not to wait to long.

2013 was already qualified as a spectacular year for French real estate: after thirteen years (1998-2011) of dazzling rise in property prices (a 155% average!) the market marked a pause in 2011 and than fell by up to 10 % last year.

With mortgage rates diving to under end of World War II lows (from 2 to slightly over 3% between tracker and fixed rate mortgages in 2013!) and rents up to 55 % higher than in the year 2000, the 2013 real estate market was presented as “the best time to invest” by agents and banks in France.

In my opinion in 2014 (published on my “BLOG Petra Cramer”) it looked the right time to start thinking about how to realize your housing dream in France, as mortgage rates were rising slightly at that time.

Today, the time has come to say “now or never”, as the actual situation with low mortgage rates will not last.

The real estate market  marked a slow-down until 2016, but is up again now.

The right question to ask is how to invest in an intelligent way in this country, as both French law as the French themselves are not comparable to UK or American citizens.

That question needs further development, as buying land and building yourself is a good option, restoring an old property can be a real pleasure and to invest in a lease-back tourist village certainly is an attractive option for younger couples with children.

But apart from tax questions, these options need professional guidance as litigation in this legal area is quite frequent….and 90 % of my clients (and often the victims!) are British, American, Dutch and Irish cityzens!