settling in

 Well Thibault moved in at the beginning of the month and he is settling in well, bar problems with the kids. AS expected, Maxence is very jeleous and is playing up big time – monsieur doesnot want to go to bed on his own (and I refuse that Freddy should have to go to bed early because of him), tidy his toys or do anything that I ask. Even eating is becomming a challenge – his stepmum Valerie apparently cooks better than I do.

 Naturally, I think, I’m feeling a bit of a failure at the moment, which means Thibault isn’t happy either :o( Hopefully when he starts work for “Acceuil Emploi” in Coutances and he’s more occupied the little frictions will be ironed out – I hope so.

 Poor Thibault though, I did throw on him a visit from my adoptive dad and stepmum days after he arrived but thankfully all went well.