Moo la la is back!!

After a whole 9 months since writing, I am back! So, hello and how are you all? I realised the other day how much I missed writing, and it worries me that if I don’t keep this up I will end up losing the knack!!

Well, it has been 10 WHOLE YEARS¬†that I have lived in France now and my goodness what an action packed 10 years!! A marriage, 4 house renovations, 3 children and numerous other things too. This summer was absolutely fantastic and it really was a superb way to see in my tenth year here. The summer started with going to see my idol, Blondie, at a festival and then we had our amazing friends from Germany stay – with their family, our family and extra friends, there were 16 of us all crammed in together . It was absolutely great fun, we had so many late nights, watching the shooting stars around the bonfire, dancing, international leapfrog made another appearance and I also invented a new game which was a less messy version of paintball. Basically, everyone starts with a cup of flour each and in the pitch black of the night we ‘hunt’ each other – the last man standing (or woman) without a scrap of flour on them was the winner. It was excellent and it was amazing how tactical it all got!! Then we had our yearly cousinade which totalled at 40 people all eating, drinking, singing and generally having a great time. We were also lucky enough to go to the World Equestrian Games which was incredible!! All nicely rounded off with me getting a new job woo!!

I work in a few schools around here doing arty and crafty things with them along with teaching them a bit of English as we go!! I love it, the business I started with my friend is still going as well so it’s all busy busy. That’s without mentioning the three most important munchkins in my life, all of whom are doing very well and are on top form!! And finally we have a new member of the family Blinky the goat!!¬†

Sorry that it was a lot of information all in one go but it’s hard to sum up 9 months in 300 words haha. I’ll be back more often now, lucky you……………………