On target…………

Happy Monday to you all,

I’m slightly wincing whilst I type today, if you have read any of my blogs before you will know that I am a keen dart player. What started out as a good excuse to intergrate with the locals has actually turned into a serious hobby. I play in a league every week, half the year playing doublettes with my pops and the other half of the year in a team with a lovely french couple and of course my dad. If we play well during the course of the year we qualify for the French championships in the beautiful La Rochelle. We qualify every year and have now moved up to Pro Level. Yesterday we (pops and I) played in a local competition which started at 9.30am and we left the competition at the semi final stage at 10pm. So, over 12 hours of darts and I can honestly say my right arm is dropping off!!! I should point out that it is electronic darts and now I know what you’re thinking – thats not real darts but it is and I’m not going to argue with you on that point, you’ll just have to trust me haha!! When my pops and I left yesterday I convinced him that we needed to take the van in order for me to pick up some windows that were for sale nearby. Halfway through the competition we were playing on a board and I said to my dad, ‘what do you think of this one then?’ Dad replied ‘It’s ok, I’d love one like it at home’, I then said ‘do you reckon we’ll get it in the back of the van because I bought it last week and we’ve actually come to pick it up!!’ He was over the moon – even after pointing out that it was for my games room but he can come round and play on it!!!

Anywho enough of the darts, on Saturday the children and I decided to make it animal day and brushed them all (dog, cat, goat, rabbit and horses), cleaned them all out and wormed and flea’d them all!! The kids and animals loved it and it was great seeing the children get stuck in. As I mentioned on the last post we have a new goat called Blinky – I never thought you could love a goat the way we love her. I even looked out the bathroom one day and spotted my husband carrying her down the garden like a baby. She is the most loving and mischevious little madame ever!! Unfortuntaly she totally lives up to the goat stereotype, she loves to eat kiwi leaves, redcurrant leaves, gladioli, chicken food, rabbit food, clothes and the list goes on and on and onnnnnnnnnnnnnnn…………….