Date night for those who are flying solo

 On sitting down to write this blog post I started pondering where I would send love’s young dream next and suddenly it hit me. For a long time I have been advising amorous duos where best to spend their time in the city of love but I’ve been discriminating. What about those who are yet to find their perfect Parisian match? What have they been doing with their time?


Rocked by the vision of singletons across the city wandering the streets in a zombie like state, unsure of where to go until they have found love, I decided it was time to change. Just because you are booking a table for one doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be dining well. So here is my date itinerary for those who are flying solo this summer.

Musée D’Orsay

The only way to enjoy a museum is on your own.  Too many times I have ventured into an exhibition with a friend or partner and found myself agitated. There’s Miss ‘Shall we start with the coffee shop?’ and Mrs ‘too tired to do the west wing’ and not to mention Mr ‘has to read every word on every sign before moving on’. Take this opportunity to soak in the culture in your own time. Enjoy the delicate work of the impressionists and take an obligatory selfie behind one of the giant clock faces without fear of another friend-imposed toilet break.

Frenchie Wine Bar

Finish up at the museum and head on over to the other side of the river to Frenchie Wine Bar. Get there at 6.30pm and join the queue to avoid waiting for the second sitting… there’s only so much patience I can muster without company. Frenchie Wine Bar is the perfect place for a solo dinner, guests are seated at communal tables of five where you can get chatting to those around you while chowing down on some of Paris’ best food. The extensive wine list will no doubt help the conversation flow between strangers.


Le Caveau de la Huchette

Round off the night by diving back to the left bank and straight down the winding perilous staircase to the cavernous jazz club Le Caveau de la Huchette. Here young and old dance enthusiastically into the early hours. The set-up is traditional with couples hitting the floor to dance and jive to the live band. Women position themselves on one of the chairs surrounding the dance floor while the gents walk around and offer their hand. It doesn’t matter who walks in with who, everyone dances together so it’s the perfect place to mix and mingle without a partner.

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Frenchie Wine Bar-

Le Caveau de la Huchette-